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here you can find out more about the services I offer as a Day-Of Coordinator for weddings.

What does a Day-Of Coordinator do? 

A Day-Of Coordinator (DOC) is quite different from a wedding planner. While a full-service wedding planner handles the entire process – from concept to booking to execution – the DOC jumps into the process in the months leading up to the wedding day to work with couples who are planning their own weddings. The DOC is logistically focused, helping the couple ensure that they’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s, so that everything is in place leading up to the wedding day. The DOC then acts as the wedding stage manager, ensuring that everything happens as it is meant to on the wedding day, and any problems that come up are quietly solved. Having a professional DOC on the wedding day allows the couple to not worry, so they and their loved ones can focus on celebrating.  

Why hire a Day-Of Coordinator? 

You are planning your own wedding, but you don’t want your special day to be spent worrying about every little detail. You are excited about choosing your vendors and planning the various elements of the wedding, but at a certain point just want to pass it all off so you aren’t the one getting last-minute questions while you’re getting ready for your special day. You are happy to assign your wedding party to certain tasks, but want them to be able to have fun and not have too many responsibilities. 

"Brí is a stellar coordinator and the one person we trusted could give us peace of mind on our wedding day. Handing over the reigns of something we'd been planning for over two years to a coordinator was such a relief, and Brí took all the time we needed in the months leading up to our wedding to absorb all of the moving pieces. We trusted her implicitly to make last minute decisions without involving us on our wedding day, which turned out to be necessary when it rained until the hour before our outdoor ceremony! Brí worked tirelessly on our wedding day, giving us the best evening we could have dreamt of!"

- Catie Davis & 

Jake DeGroot

"From start to finish, Brídín took care of us! Her insight and experience helped us structure our day perfectly, and everything was run so smoothly. She was thorough with her planning, organized, and prepared. She connected with all of our vendors and was the link that made chain of events that day come together!"

- Dara & Mike Gallagher

Why did you start doing
Day-Of Coordination, Brí? 

In the theatre, the stage manager is responsible for facilitating the creative process and maintaining the artistic integrity of the production. My background is in theatrical stage management and when I began planning my own wedding, I realized that a couple who wants to DIY their wedding needs a stage manager, someone to ensure everything happens the way they like. I recognized that my skills as a theatrical stage manager are extremely transferable to wedding coordination, and that I truly enjoy helping couples make their wedding day as lovely as it should be. 

My Philosophy

By hiring me as your Day-Of Coordinator, you are entering into a partnership. It’s not full-service wedding coordination but it’s no longer completely DIY; it’s something between the two. We will work together to organize all of the logistics for your wedding day. I don’t offer multiple options for how many times we will meet, because I believe that in order to properly support the wedding day, we need to have a series of conversations to ensure that I understand your vision, plans and priorities. My tiers of service don’t change based on the guest count, because I feel that coordinating a 25-person wedding or a 200-person wedding takes a similar level of care. 

My Services

My main package includes everything I think a couple needs to be able to pass off the day-of coordination to me and everything I need in order to support the day. The few add-on’s I offer are for couples who aren’t comfortable with the vendor booking process, weddings that involve events over multiple days, or particularly complex weddings where it proves worthwhile for me to bring on an assistant. 

Day-Of Coordination Package

Starts at $1600


  • Four virtual meetings; typically according to the following schedule: 

    • Upon hire 

    • 3-6 months out 

    • 1-2 months out 

    • 1-2 weeks out 

  • Unlimited contact via email with <2-day turnaround 

  • Following the initial meeting, I will create a Day Of Tracker for your wedding; a massive spreadsheet we will build out together with all the details needed for a smooth wedding day, including: 

    • Main Details 

    • Week-of schedule 

    • Day-of breakdown

    • Vendor Contact List

    • Key People Contact List  

    • Packing list 

    • Shot list 

  • Facilitate communications in week leading up to wedding 

  • Develop timeline in conjunction with couple & vendors

  • Manage final communications & confirmations 

  • Send timeline to key vendors 

  • Coordinate ceremony rehearsal 

  • Start-to-finish management of the actual wedding day (up to 12 hour onsite)

    • Serve as point-of-contact for vendors 

    • Manage any wedding party assignments 

    • Execute timeline and all logistics


Potential Add-On’s Include

  • Review of vendor contracts 

  • Venue walk through 

  • Additional days of events (e.g. rehearsal dinner, morning after brunch, etc) 

  • Potential travel and lodging add-on’s, dependent on venue location

Ready to discuss your wedding coordination? Send me an email!

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